For my first post for 2021, I thought I might have a crack at commenting on the extraordinary events of Capitol Hill in Washington DC on January 6 2021 from the vantage point of an ‘outsider’ in Australia. My simple argument is that independent thought has been eroded to the extent that this has been contracted out. That is to say, there is an over reliance on conspiracy theories to explain adverse ‘events’, such as a “rigged election”, and a preparedness to be taken in by outright lies. This paved the way for the former Republican President of the US, Donald Trump, to make his own ‘rules’ in the making of new form of unruly conservatism to which his ardent white nationalist (supremacist) supporters flocked. I am not saying that his supporters are dumb, only that they acted dumb, and that there are important cues to be picked up from the US for Australia since we hare heading down a similar path.         Dumb and Dumber