Confusions of Race and Racism: ‘Some’ Clarifications

To know and not do, is to not yet know (Confucius) Race-ism is the elephant in the room few of western mainstream culture or society dare to mention except perhaps when speaking of the past – of history – not the present. To speak of race nowadays is okay when celebrating black achievements in sport [...]

The making of victimology in response to lockdown

Chip Le Grand writes “While lockdowns were aimed to protect at-risk sectors of the community, they also created new vulnerabilities as shown by the spike in eating disorders among young people” (Running on empty, The Age Weekend Magazine, August 20 2022, an edited extract from his book Lockdown (published by Monash, 2022). He continues: “young people have missed [...]

Hawthorn has a problem but is not the problem

Race, racism, racialisation and denialism within Australian culture and society To talk about race and racism is fraught because it invariably means to risk getting peoples’ shackles up warranting a quick rebuke. As prickly subject matter, they touch a nerve to trigger denial, which I know from experience. In 2008, I submitted a letter to [...]

Living with Covid: A False Dawn

Stella Coram August 28, 2021 I begin by declaring my bias if not gleaned by the heading. I agree on the need for lockdown. One could be forgiven for thinking that ‘living with Covid-19’ is the only option available. As a key policy framework for nations with vaccination rates in the order of 70%, and [...]

Living with Covid: Careful what you wish for

Bill Bowtell’s “Price of living with covid must be understood before it is paid” published in the Sydney Morning Herald (August 3, 2021) is the most reasoned and welcoming commentary to be read in a very long time. It stands in complete contrast to the rubbish (policy failure) peddled by the federal government through its [...]

Critical Race Theory

A Lament on Pauline Hanson’s “Ban” on Critical Race Theory (CRT)* Stella H. Coram, July 27, 2021 *I have elected not to discuss issues of identity, or terms of reference, important though they are. Suffice to say, I allude in generalist terms to blacks, whites, and minorities as well as Aboriginal and indigenous as descriptors [...]