Living with Covid: A False Dawn

Stella Coram August 28, 2021 I begin by declaring my bias if not gleaned by the heading. I agree on the need for lockdown. One could be forgiven for thinking that ‘living with Covid-19’ is the only option available. As a key policy framework for nations with vaccination rates in the order of 70%, and [...]

Living with Covid: Careful what you wish for

Bill Bowtell’s “Price of living with covid must be understood before it is paid” published in the Sydney Morning Herald (August 3, 2021) is the most reasoned and welcoming commentary to be read in a very long time. It stands in complete contrast to the rubbish (policy failure) peddled by the federal government through its [...]

Critical Race Theory

A Lament on Pauline Hanson’s “Ban” on Critical Race Theory (CRT)* Stella H. Coram, July 27, 2021 *I have elected not to discuss issues of identity, or terms of reference, important though they are. Suffice to say, I allude in generalist terms to blacks, whites, and minorities as well as Aboriginal and indigenous as descriptors [...]

Meghan Markle and the ‘Weaponizing’ of Racism

I am no fan of Piers Morgan, an opinionated tyrant who has made career out of putting people, who challenge establishment, such as Meghan Markle, in their place. She has been the target of media rancour, invading her privacy, by publishing letters from her father, for instance, for which she successfully sued. But, on this [...]

Pictorial Representation of Prussian Ancestor John Gotty

Following on from an earlier post, To the Manor Born, in which I outline my theory of descent for ancestor John Gotty to the 'father' of Germany, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, I present a pictorial representation of Gotty. There are some intriguing similarities between grandfather, mother, father, and son.     Pictorial Representation of Prussian Ancestor [...]