Author works (abstracts)


2017. Ruff and Ritual: The Politics of Paradise in Papua New Guinea. Green Hill Publishing: Port Adelaide, South Australia. Purchase price $50 AU plus postage.   

2015. The Real and the Unreal: Hyper Narratives of Indigenous Athletes and the Changing Significance of Race, Second Edition. Illinois: Common Ground.

2013. Extinguishing Title: Maori Land Rights, People and Perspective in Post-Colonial New Zealand. Common Ground Publishing.

2007. The Real and the Unreal: Hyper Narratives of Indigenous Athletes and the Changing Significance of Race, Common Ground: Altona, Victoria.

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Refereed journal articles

2017. Coram, S. & Hallinan, C. ‘Critical race theory and the orthodoxy of race neutrality: Examining the denigration of Australian indigenous athlete Adam Goodes’, Australian Aboriginal Studies 1: 99-111.

2016. ‘Alchemy’ of rights and racism: A critical reading of the booing of Adam Goodes’ Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues 19 (4): 42-57.…/indigenous/journal-of-indigenous-issues

2013. ‘The paradox of fairness and the inverting of racial discrimination in Australian sport’, Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues 16 (3): 2-21.

2011. ‘Rethinking indigenous research: the perspective of a “stranger”’, Qualitative Research Journal 11 (2): 38-47.;res=IELHSS;issn=1443-9883

Encountering disregard: The subjective perspective of a disaffiliated racial “other”’ British Journal of the Sociology of Education 30 (3): 275-87. 

2008. ‘The mainstreaming of indigenous inequality as disadvantage and the silencing of “race” in Australian social, educational & vocational training policy’, Australian Critical Race& Whiteness Studies Association (ACRAWSA) e-journal 4 (1): 1-13.

2007. ‘Evolutionary hegemony and the “aping” of the indigenous athlete’, International Review for the Sociology of Sport 42 (4): 391- 409.

2007. ‘Performative pedagogy and the creation of desire: The indigenous role model and implications for learning’, Australian Journal of Indigenous Education 36:56-64.

2007. ‘Reconceptualising disadvantage as hierarchical: A critique of the representation of disadvantage in vocational education and training policy’, Journal of Australian Social Policy 44: 5-12.

Book chapters

2014. ‘Invoking an ivory tower: Journalistic misrepresentation of me as a critic of race and the content of my criticisms’ in G. Tsolidis (Ed.) Living Diaspora: Family, Education and Identity, Springer: London, pp. 95-108.

2013. Coram, S. & Hallinan, C. ‘Resisting critical analyses: Aspects of problematic research gate keeping issues with Australian indigenous “subjects”’ in C. Hallinan and B. Judd (Eds) Native Games: Indigenous Peoples and Sports in the Post-Colonial World, Research in the Sociology of Sport, Vol 7, chapter 4, pp. 107-126, Emerald Publications.    


2017. C. Samson and C. Gigoux ‘Indigenous Peoples and Colonialism’ (2017), Cambridge: Polity Press’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, May 3: 1-3.

2013. T. Havens ‘Black Television Travels: African American Media Around the Globe(2012), New York: New York University Press, Ethnic and Racial Studies November 11: 872-3.   

2013. S. Chong ‘The Oriental Obscene: Violence and Racial Fantasies in the Vietnam Era’ (2012), Durham and London: Duke University Press, Ethnic and Racial Studies 36: 7. 

2012. S. Venkateswar and E. Hughes (Eds.), ‘The Politics of Indigeneity: Dialogues and Reflections on Indigenous Activism’ (2011) London: Zed Books, Ethnic and Racial Studies, August 1: 2223-4. 

2000. ‘Marn Grook: An Aboriginal Perspective of Australian Rules football’, International Review for the Sociology of Sport 35: 495-8.

Extinguishing Title, 2013 (abstract)

  Extinguishing Title (2013) This book presents an argument on the systematic extinguishing of Maori rights to title to land in Aotearoa New Zealand. It identifies the key values informing crown justification for disposing of inalienable reserve lands to claim their reworking within the contemporary administration of Maori land by the Maori Land Court. The [...]

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‘Mainstreaming’ Indigenous Inequality as Disadvantage and the Silencing of ‘Race’ in Australian Social, Educational and Vocational Training

Published in the Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association e-journal (2008) Traditional constructs of inequality and discrimination to explain the life chances of indigenous Australians have been supplanted by the discourse of disadvantage. The boundaries of exclusion are made less clear by the emergence of inclusive discourse related to increased access and participation (outcomes) [...]

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Encountering Disregard in Australian Academe: The Subjective Perspective of a Disaffiliated Racial ‘Other’

Published in the British Journal of Sociology of Education (2009)  This article proposes that progressive frameworks underpinned by diversity are contradictory to the inclusion of the ‘other’ in Australian higher education. I integrate the critical race theory constructs of disregard and convergence with white privilege and indigenous lacking to claim that objective processes underpinned by merit [...]

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An ‘Alchemy’ of Rights and Racism: A Critical Reading of the ‘Booing’ of Adam Goodes from an Expat in Papua New Guinea 

Published in the Journal of Australian Aboriginal Studies (2016) Williams (1992) draws on alchemy to describe how racism is ‘infused’ with rights. The booing of Indigenous athlete Adam Goodes in the Australian Football League (AFL) in 2015 was dissolved into fictitious right of moral equivalence. Booing could not be ‘racist’ because non-Indigenous athletes are also [...]

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The Paradox of Fairness and the Racial Vilification of the Indigenous ‘Other’ in Australian Sport

Published in the Journal of Australian Indigenous Studies (2013) This study examines the dismissal of race and by implication racism within judicial interpretation of fairness in the context of racial discrimination in Australian sport. It is claimed that this hinges on an evaluation of fairness that is paradoxical. McNamara’s (1998) construct of evaluative racism is [...]

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The Real and the Unreal (second edition, 2015) 

The second edition of The Real and Unreal reflects on the objective in the first, which was to claim the changing significance of race in the context of Australian sport. Race is celebrated in terms of indigenous athletic dominance yet the persistence of racial inequality on and off field is denied. The approach, underlined by [...]

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The Real and the Unreal (first edition, 2007) 

Race is said to be irrelevant conceptually. Drawing on the notion of race formations (evolutionary hegemony), this study engages with the changing significance of race through an examination of contemporary narratives depicting indigenous efficacy for sport in popular print content. The centrality of the black athletic body to narratives of indigenous dominance in Australian football [...]

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