Stella Coram

I grew up in a rural town in Bulls in the north island of New Zealand. A Maori girl, who did not speak Maori, I studied French at a ladies’ secondary college because I was placed into a language stream.  Read more

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Stella Coram's book Ruff and ritual

Re-release of The Real and the Unreal (PDF)

Ruff and Ritual: The Politics of Paradise in Papua New Guinea is available

It records my observations and reflections whilst deployed to Papua New Guinea as a ‘trailing spouse’ to my partner, an Australian official working toward the delivery of Australian aid in the public service sector.  For a glimpse click  

What people are saying:

“Ruff and Ritual speaks from the heart” (former Australian official advisor to PNG).

“Absolutely brilliant job. Can’t imagine the blood, sweat, tears and blood that has gone into this” (former Australian official advisor to PNG).

“This is a wonderful piece of writing and I congratulate the author on her effort and insights” (former advisor to Uganda and the UAE).



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We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through.

Our purpose here is to observe, to grow, to love… and then we return home.

Australian Aboriginal Proverb, The Flower Hunter